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Using Unreal Engine 4 to create Game Jam – Shooter Tutorial

Using Unreal Engine 4 to create Game Jam – Shooter Tutorial

My state of affairs

That is good and dangerous info: I give up my job to create one thing on my own. Very first thing I created is Conflict of Morons for Epic Spring Jam.

Conflict of Morons

Jam theme was “Different aspect of the coin” – we created easy arcade recreation the place you’re pressured to select a aspect. You possibly can obtain the sport on

Animations utilizing Management Rig and Sequencer

All animations in jam was created utilizing Management Rig and Sequencer.

I’m not an animator however I used to be ready for Management Rig to create animations inside editor for like 2 years. And you recognize what? Four.21 model is secure sufficient for jams and prototypes which is superior as you’ll be able to iterate your gameplay lot quicker with out animator or in outdoors instruments like Maya or Blender.

I’ve created management rigs for enemy and first individual participant. Because of them I used to be capable of make animations and iterate them shortly sufficient for jam.

Management Rigs are at present very straightforward to implement and customise.

Now you need to use your controls in Sequencer. Then you possibly can export sequence as pure animation seq.

So principally it’s thoughts blowing for small groups! In case you are you need to watch this yr GDC as Management Rig is far more than solely animation sequences:

Hope Epic will launch some examples for his or her Model. (wasn’t capable of finding them in Plugin) I spent to a lot time to create pelvis management which strikes legs and higher physique like in Maya or Movement Builder. (or within the above video 😉 )

Blinking Lights

Earlier in jam we although we’ll generate our ranges utilizing Dungeon Architect however we depart the thought due to small period of time. We determined to stay with dynamic lighting because it’s quicker to iterate.

Principally in case you have dynamic lighting enabled you possibly can slighty transfer your lights/radiuses with out main value. We created our LightComponent in C++ which is utilizing sinuses with altering durations to animate random blinking impact.

It’s low cost, don’t want to make use of any timelines / lighting features and graphics artists can use them from any locations. What’s necessary it seems to be cool not solely in poly artwork. I’ve created such lights in couple of tasks earlier. Hope to have time to create tutorial about them as they’re tremendous straightforward to implement.

First individual mesh and partitions drawback

In deffered renderer (which UE4 use by default) you possibly can’t inform meshes to attract in particular order. So your first individual mesh will go through partitions.

Couple of years in the past I haven’t had any shader programmer within the workforce and requested Leszek Godlewski the best way to resolve this. (I wasn’t so good with shaders then, now I’m not both 😉 ) Principally it was actually easy to resolve – utilizing world place offset: scale vertices lots and transfer them actually close to digital camera. This hack is utilized in lot of first individual video games with deffered renderer. I needed to create tutorial about it however haven’t had time. Within the meantime you’ll be able to seize shader right here. Simply plugin to World Place Offset in your first individual palms/weapon supplies.

Curved World

Principally in arcade first individual melee recreation participant ought to have a number of visibility in entrance to have extra time to react. Sometimes builders are growing FOV to realize that. (and lot’s of different issues ; ) ) We determined to maneuver totally different street, extra complicated and extra pipeline heavy. That’s for what recreation jams are 😉

I keep in mind we did one thing comparable in different jams (for first time by Michał Nowak), however by no means in indoors. Once more utilizing world place offset we’re offsetting vertexes to match sphere.

This induced some points:

  • Lights, decals or different primitive elements which aren’t utilizing supplies gained’t be curved. To repair it we carried out imitation of shader in C++ to maneuver elements the identical approach,
  • Primitives was popping as frustum culling thinks meshes are outdoors digital camera view. Sadly we find yourself with scaling bounds which isn’t good concept however haven’t had time to resolve it correctly,

Because of this impact participant have extra time to react and need to go ahead to see what’s on the horizon with out further LD important path work. Once more hope to have a while to write down tutorial about this impact because it’s cool!


I used to be considering of utilizing new particle editor – Niagara which I used to be studying for couple of weeks however I made a decision to go together with cascade final time due to small period of time and lot of options to implement… Earlier we created cool stuff utilizing Niagara which I can’t present you however belief me – Niagara will change how particles look and behave in UE4.

The enjoyable of creating extra stylized recreation is you can simply create content material. We used Dungeon Pack by Synty Studios which have some points however could be simply resolved.

I created couple of blood splashes which makes use of easy materials with none masks, collision checks which spawn one other emitter for some type of blood decal.

Different particle was torch hearth created in like 10 minutes because of stylized poly artwork – simply utilizing three cubes: hearth, smoke and small orbiting sparks.

What’s cool is that it doesn’t use any materials simply easy emissive. Principally making non lifelike graphics recreation are likely to make and iterate content material faster.


Couple of years in the past I did tutorial about melee. Throughout this time I discovered rather a lot about find out how to create pipelines for dealing melee injury. Hope to do V2 of this tutorial 😉

Nice article about melee fight in Vermintide 2:
Principally very first thing we do when creating one thing is analysis and examine how different builders resolve similar issues.

Let’s break this into items. To start with I created our injury construction as we aren’t utilizing UE4 TakeDamage default implementation.

This helped lots to move all essential knowledge into hit actor. Principally now once I’m beginning venture (which have injury in design) I’m creating injury construction and customized TakeDamage features. A lot simpler to move knowledge and debug your stuff.

Subsequent factor is definitely hint melee. We used In a position Talents plugin as we haven’t used UE4 Gameplay Talents earlier. What’s cool with In a position is you can create your personal duties. We created MeleeTrace process which helps two strategies: tracing from digital camera (for participant) and skeleton (for AI)

When creating melee you want to ensure that it isn’t dependent of animations – will improve iteration time rather a lot. For participant traces couple of months in the past (for different venture) I got here up with 2D curve concept which is imitating participant display.

You simply create curve which is representing participant display in 2D.

Then simply configure it prefer it goes from proper to left and so forth. Cool factor about it’s that you could begin iterating your melee fight with none animations. Check out totally different instructions, lengths and so forth. and when you’re pleased together with your timings and melee hint animators can base on that.

For AI we used easy sphere sweep from one level (hand) to a different (weapon socket) which isn’t precisely tremendous good for extra critical video games as it could result in miss hit.

Some characters have armor which ought to block melee. We used Tags for that.

Every melee hint can have array of names which can block melee and run totally different occasion (to run totally different hit response or spawn totally different particles)

Melee hint might be informed to cease on hit or cease on tag. For instance Knight Male have two handed weapon which isn’t stopping on physique hit (you’ll be able to hit couple of characters when aiming appropriately), however stops when hit armor. Goblin assaults all the time cease when hit one thing. Because of this we have been capable of create totally different gameplay emotions for every character.

Anyway – one last item – melee traces shouldn’t be depending on animation velocity or framerate as they create fight and you must make sure fight would be the similar on all machines.


Because of Conduct Timber, Notion, Gameplay Tags and EQS UE4 is a beast for creating AI. Dungeon Of Morons AIs used solely two timber!

Melee Conduct Tree.

It’s actually easy:

  • In the event you don’t have needed goal simply roam close to roam location which is positioned on degree,
  • If in case you have needed goal verify when you’ve got spot to assault. If sure decide spot and go to it whereas all the time making an attempt to assault. If not – go close to your needed goal,

Every character have AIController with AIPerception element which is checking senses and replace WantedTarget. So if AI sees somebody will examine fraction and so forth and set blackboard values instantly so BT can adapt.

Every character have close to spots and spot supervisor which is taking good care of spots.

So if all spots are occupied AI know that he want to maneuver some place else (close to needed goal)

For participant we’re utilizing solely three spots in entrance of him so he gained’t be attacked from again by melee characters. (ranged characters verify dot to participant earlier than attacking – they gained’t assault if participant gained’t see them)

One other cool factor is assault varieties slots. We used three of them: close to, medium and ranged. If goal is participant managed AI is checking assault slots. So solely X of them are utilizing one spot. For instance you’ll be able to configure it so just one AI can assault utilizing close to assault slot. Different AI want to attend to identify to be free. This technique is a base in lot of video games. For instance Doom:

One other cool factor about our AI is possession. Principally all characters are configured to be performed by AI or Participant. Because of UE4 structure it was very easy to implement.

And will probably be a lot simpler to create multiplayer recreation from Dungeon of Morons.

One other factor we did is stats system to stability characters quicker. Every character have attributes which is taking good care of different stats like motion velocity, assault velocity, injury and so on. And one file to stability all of them. Designers can create totally different stability information and verify how recreation is performed.

It was a lot quicker to iterate recreation stability utilizing curves and attributes.

Final thing I need to point out right here is AIManager which is consistently checking energy of every fraction and spawn waves relying on the state of affairs. Every character have AIPower Weight set by us.

What can be cool is to vary energy relying on how AIs are enjoying throughout gameplay. So supervisor can study / change and adapt to state of affairs.

Principally it was actually humorous to see how AIs are preventing with one another 😀 Including to that our character sounds created utilizing interface and mic we have been laughing so much 😀

It’s humorous to look how they struggle 😀

Principally AI is basically massive matter and I want to create a number of tutorials about it.

Physique Disassembling

We needed to interrupt some physique elements. Technique we select was to:

  • Scale down hit bone,
  • Present some materials ID on skeleton, (for plugs)
  • Spawn physique half with particles,

It’s tremendous straightforward to do. We used Blender (btw 2.eight is one thing all of us ought to study) to create physique elements – simply eliminated physique and export elements with correct pivots.

Then when AI dies he checks hit bone ID and if legitimate scale bone, present IDs and spawn assigned actor. Hiding bone is completed in AnimBP. Along with that Skeleton Character from pack has some bones weights ready appropriately so we break them when turning ragdoll.

You’ll be able to create system which each use bone break and scaling. Did one thing like that in different venture.
Through the use of this node you’ll be able to present particular materials IDs to point out plugs after scaling bone.

I’ll do tutorial about physique disassembling when have some free time.

Motion System

Principally virtually all video games use actions or one thing comparable. We picked In a position Capability as we had some expertise utilizing it earlier. After implementing customized duties:

  • MeleeTrace,
  • DisableBrain: for kick hit response,
  • ChangeAcceleration: to cease AI on particular actions,
  • MoveAwayFromInstigator: to push AI on hit,
  • MoveToTarget: to make ram and different like that,

And altering In a position supply to help customized process circumstances. For instance: IsPlayedControlled – as a result of a few of actions was operating on AI and Participant. We have been capable of implement actions shortly sufficient and iterate them.

What’s cool is hit reactions. Every motion have situation which may be override in Blueprints. Some characters makes use of full physique reactions which cancel lively motion (eg. assault) and a few additive hit reactions which doesn’t cancel lively motion. We have been capable of stability gameplay fast sufficient and make characters totally different from one other.

Making icons utilizing render targets

Time to time I’m looking for one thing about UE4 and discovering my tutorial 😀 This time I needed to create character icons with out utilizing photoshop. I made tutorial learn how to do it utilizing UE4.


I did two tutorials on how one can implement leaderboards in UE4. Playfab and Dreamlo. What I discovered throughout this jam is which is tremendous straightforward to implement in your recreation!

It help tags, nations and it’s free!

Hopefully Writer will add help for Four.21 and above as examples gained’t work once you copy them to your challenge. We would have liked to recreate all UMGs from scratch.


We used Polygon Dungeon Pack and create easy degree utilizing it.

Caves with volumetric lighting.
Jail with extra darky feeling.
Jail with extra darky feeling.
Major corridor with extra brilliant lights.

Additionally added mild define, tough to supplies and mess with postprocess on all sides of degree. Hope we had extra time so as to add decals, small props and physics meshes.


I wrote a tutorial about interplay in earlier submit. You possibly can obtain entire undertaking as nicely. What I did in jam is totally different. I haven’t used collision checks however hint checks which is extra simpler to configure and select which actor we will work together.

Multi Sweep check is returning all characters. Then choosing one of the best to work together with based mostly on distance, dot and customized float on every actor.

Base character class implements Interplay Goal interface:

Interplay Interface to verify if can work together and present/disguise interplay preview.

GetBestInteractionTarget is checking distance and dot and write to last rating.

So principally interplay is getting greatest actor to work together with utilizing sphere sweep and dot/distance weights.

So what subsequent?

It was nice to take part on this jam. I really like jams, as you don’t have time for all day conferences and you may verify loopy concepts.

However what is going to come subsequent?

You may say now “dude you give up your job you’ll have time for tutorials and e-book now!” nicely… I can be trustworthy with you guys. Making tutorials gained’t make me cash for dwelling…

I might like to create video games utilizing UE4 and share how we’re creating them. Publish free belongings, plugins, tutorials and entire tasks for you guys. You understand I’m sharing information individual.

That’s the factor I’m focusing now. I’ve money for Four-5 months and I’ll attempt to make investments this time to create one thing that may concentrate on sharing improvement utilizing UE4 throughout work hours. We’ll see the way it will ends. However I gained’t have time throughout this era to create tutorials. I have to create prototypes and video games to get some cash for this sharing improvement initiative. Hope you guys perceive!

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