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Three Houses: “King of Beasts” Gameplay Footage + Analysis

Three Houses: "King of Beasts" Gameplay Footage + Analysis

Yesterday, Nintendo Treehouse Reside showcased a good quantity of Three Homes. Round that point, some media retailers had the prospect to play the sport, together with Gamespot, who uploaded a preview for the sport.

Particularly, they have been invited to check out a map the place you’ll be able to battle a brand new sort of enemy, a Demonic Beast referred to as the “King of Beasts”. This enemy is far bigger and stronger than traditional, occupying a number of squares. Later, we discover out it has a number of HP bars too!

This text covers their gameplay footage of this map. At this level, there isn’t a number of essential new info–that may be present in our earlier articles (particularly our Treehouse Reside evaluation discovered right here and right here). However in case you love to review all of the intricate particulars like me, you’re greater than welcome to hitch me!

I’ll begin with Gamespot’s footage first, since I consider that was posted first. A few of this footage was included of their preview article, however this time it’s (principally) seamless.

Initially, they mess around with the map digital camera for a bit. It seems you possibly can rotate the angle barely, making the sport virtually isometric. There’s additionally the low angle digital camera, which makes all Battalions (the troops that comply with models) seen–this was initially seen within the debut trailer.

We see a glimpse of the mini-map and the victory/loss circumstances round this time. Forces are divided into blue (your allies) and purple (enemies), as typical. However there’s a 3rd military, actually referred to as the “Third Military” that’s yellow. That is just like the yellow military in Family tree of the Holy Struggle, which we’ll witness later.

As for the mini-map itself, within the north-west nook there appears to be a restoration tile or one thing comparable. Under it are two fence tiles that may apparently be damaged. Barely under that may be a humongous yellow unit with a gemstone-like icon. That’s the King of Beasts.

The participant begins to maneuver Dedue. Should you’re observant, you possibly can see a barely pale “C” subsequent to feminine Byleth. I consider this means activated help ranges, just like in earlier video games. Afterward, you possibly can see feminine Byleth additionally has C helps with Annette and Felix and a B with Mercedes.

For the non-savvy, some characters can type “bonds” or help relationships by preventing close to one another and interacting within the monastery. As soon as the bond is robust sufficient, you possibly can unlock help conversations, which raises the bond degree. The higher the bonds, the extra fight boosts you get when preventing close by.

Truly, let’s return a bit. Should you watch Dedue transfer, he can transfer a whopping 9 areas! However that’s not his default Motion. Discover he has a Motion buff icon subsequent to him. Earlier, he was the goal of a Stride Gambit, which upped his Motion by 5. Usually he has four. Additionally, forest tiles appear to halve his Motion.

Dedue leads the cost. He’s at present an Armored Knight with Axe and Gauntlet weapons out there. Gauntlets are new weapons that all the time set off consecutive assaults. Should you’re excited that Armored Knights can use Gauntlets, needless to say most weapons might be outfitted no matter class. Gauntlets are solely out there on foot although.

Ingrid takes flight subsequent. She’s outfitted with a bunch of Lance weapons, typical for a Pegasus Knight. It’d be fascinating to attempt to give her one thing totally different like an Axe or Bow. On the finish of the battle, we study that her Battalion is the Seiros Pegasus Co. In case you’re questioning, I’ve truly been making an attempt to catalogue all the brand new Battalions.

Feminine Byleth enters the highlight. She has her golden sword, the Sword of Creation. You might have observed it has 20 makes use of, which appears pretty low. Additionally, its weapon icon has a shiny background. Moreover, she has a spare Lance and Sword, in case you’re nervous about breaking it.

I forgot to say it final time, however Jeralt’s Mercenaries are her Battalion. Sure, these are in all probability mercenaries that work for her Dad.

Subsequent, Sylvain marches ahead. He’s a Cavalier with a Lance, Axe and Bow. At first, I used to be confused why he had a Bow that he couldn’t use. However then I remembered he’s adjoining to an enemy and thus can’t use it at melee vary. We already noticed his assault vary can attain as much as 2 squares. His Battalion is the Kingdom Brawlers.

Dimitri, the chief of the Blue Lions, lastly makes his transfer. He’s additionally a Cavalier, however is at present restricted to Lance weapons. That stated, he does have a Javelin that he can throw to deal ranged injury. Anyway, the participant initiates a Gambit. As a result of Dedue is close by and capable of assault the identical enemy, a Gambit Increase happens.

I’m positive a number of you already know, however Gambits are restricted use assaults obtainable when you could have a Battalion outfitted. They will present numerous results, like debuffing enemies or buffing allies. Additionally, they ignore enemy counter-attacks, so you’ll be able to assault safely. Dimitri’s Battalion is the cool-sounding Holy Knights of Seiros. He additionally Ranges Up.

Ashe is subsequent. He’s an Archer proper now. Presently, he’s fairly distant from motion, however luckily he can assault from distant through the use of the Deadeye Fight Artwork. This was initially a Mastery talent within the Tellius video games. Right here, it boosts your Assault barely and extends your assault vary to an enormous 6 squares.

We will’t overlook Mercedes, who’s the primary healer of this get together. She has three therapeutic or assist-type magic spells that she will use proper now. Physic makes a return. Like ordinary, it may be used to heal at vary. Right here, it presently has a Vary of 1~9. However it could solely be used 5 occasions. Her Battalion is the Seiros Brawlers.

The remainder of the participant models are moved and the Enemy Part begins. Dedue does some good work and good points a Degree Up. Good man.

Keep in mind that I stated the Third Military labored like in Family tree? Nicely one of many enemy Bandits stupidly runs over to assault the King of Beasts. We all know which you can assault the King of Beasts, so meaning the Third Military is taken into account an enemy for each you and the (pink) enemy. In contrast to inexperienced NPC models which are impartial for you.

The subsequent Participant Part begins. By the best way, I observed a pink “goal” icon that seems above Ashe’s portrait. This icon was additionally seen through the latter half of the Treehouse Reside phase. I’m not fairly positive what it’s for; anybody acquired any concepts? From the color, I’ve a sense it could be associated to aggro although.

For a quick second, the participant considers switching feminine Byleth’s weapon. Since these enemies are fairly weak, it may be value conserving the Sword of Creation. Anyway, I don’t assume we’ve seen a Lance-wielding Mercenary earlier than! Quickly after, feminine Byleth positive factors a Degree Up and truly says one thing.

The participant tries to assault with Ingrid, however opts to tug her again since she has low HP. They then transfer Mercedes over to heal Ingrid. Whereas that is occurring, they flick by way of the opposite spells: Heal and Restore. Heal has a Vary of 1 as anticipated. In the meantime Restore has a Vary of 1~four and doubtless removes standing results.

Felix lastly will get an opportunity to battle! He should have been ready for this second as his Crest of Fraldarius prompts. We nonetheless don’t know what it does, however we do see Felix dealing 5 additional injury. OK, you deserve a Degree Up as nicely. Simply cease being imply to Dimitri…


Sylvain rides straight into hazard, attacking the King of Beasts head on. He takes a substantial quantity of injury from the counter-attack. Afterwards, one of many tiles under the King of Beasts seems to be cracked. Is that this a very good or dangerous factor? Perhaps as soon as it cracks, it takes extra injury? Alternatively, perhaps you possibly can’t goal that sq. anymore.

Dimitri makes a sensible selection and makes use of a Gambit, stopping a counter-attack. However this appears to backfire barely. After the struggle, the King of Beasts’s consideration is concentrated on Dimitri. Beneath Dimitri is a logo that appears very very similar to the purple goal above Ashe. Might these be associated? Additionally, pale pink AoE tiles seem to the fitting of the King.

Subsequent flip, the King of Beasts turns south and makes use of its AoE assault, Poison Breath. Poor Sylvain is caught within the assault. He’s taken right down to zero HP and compelled to flee the battlefield. Is he retreating as a result of it’s Informal Mode? Or as a result of it’s the varsity part? I’m tempted to say the latter.

After the King of Beasts strikes, the cracked tile beneath it appears to mechanically restore itself. Hmm, I feel that’s going to be pretty essential.

Poor Sylvain can’t be saved (though the participant might use Divine Pulse). However you’ll be able to nonetheless save those that are merely injured. Annette goes over to Ingrid and makes use of a supportive Gambit referred to as Resonant White Magic to heal her. Her Battalion additionally Ranges Up, getting elevated Hit Fee and Resilience (magic defence).

Dimitri throws a Javelin on the hulking beast to complete it off and avenge the fallen Sylvain. His Battalion Ranges Up too. It positive aspects some extent in Bodily Assault by going from Degree 1 to 2. Each little helps.

Wait, the King of Beasts isn’t lifeless but! Its HP bar disappears, however a brand new one takes its place. Hey, what provides?

Byleth goes in to proceed the job. In case you take a look at the King’s HP bar now, the place there was two pink diamonds, one of many diamonds is now greyed out. That means every diamond represents a HP bar–and that the King solely has one HP bar left. Additionally, the participant shuffles via Byleth’s Fight Arts, revealing “Ruptured Heaven”.

Sadly, they don’t choose Ruptured Heaven, however we’ll see it later. Nevertheless, they do select to assault from vary, so we will see how the Sword of Creation features at a distance. Wow, it doesn’t disappoint. Byleth swings the sword like a whip, just like Nemesis(?) within the debut trailer.

Ingrid returns for an additional go on the King. She makes use of the Meeting Gambit and triggers a Gambit Increase with feminine Byleth and Ashe who’re close by and in attacking vary. Amusingly, Ingrid solely appears to have 2 Pegasus Knights in her Battalion. Nicely, from the 2 triangles, we all know her Battalion has lower than two thirds well being. Nonetheless that’s fairly foolish.

After the Gambit, Ingrid attracts the demonic beast’s consideration, identical to Dimitri did. Hmm, is that this associated to utilizing Gambits or the quantity of injury dealt to the beast? We don’t discover out, because the video ends.

Subsequent, IGN, exhibits us their try on the map. I feel Gamespot did fairly OK, all issues thought-about. Though someone ought to have advised them to make use of Divine Pulse to deliver Sylvain again. However the IGN participant appears to be on the sport.

Firstly, the participant cleverly examine Byleth’s Fight Arts. We’ve Wrath Strike, which was a Sword-type Fight Artwork in Echoes. This boosts Assault and Hit Fee. Grounder is efficient towards Flying foes and boosts Hit Fee, and Assault and Crucial barely. Bane of Monster is sweet towards, yup, monsters and boosts Assault and Essential.

There’s additionally Ruptured Heaven, which we briefly noticed in Gamespot’s video. That is good towards dragon-type foes. The participant doesn’t hover over this, however does use it afterward. Anyway, it’s fascinating to see that Byleth has so many Arts which are efficient towards household varieties. He/she seems to be fairly the versatile unit!

The participant chooses Bane of Monsters, however on the final minute switches to Ruptured Heaven. The “inexperienced tick” icon subsequent to the May worth means that each Arts are efficient towards the King–and certainly they deal a whopping 36 and 38 injury respectively. So the King of Beasts is a Monster and a Dragon…

The remainder of the struggle is fairly normal fare and I don’t consider there’s something extra to gleam.

Final however not least, let’s see how Kotaku carry out. In contrast to the others, their footage begins close to the very begin of the map.

To start out with, Felix makes use of the Stride Gambit. It targets Dedue and in addition buffs Annette and Mercedes. From what I can inform, it appears to have an effect on models inside 2 squares of the goal. However I’m unsure of the precise form. Judging from an earlier Japanese screenshot, I’ve a sense it may be a triangle.

That is the OP Gambit that briefly will increase Motion by 5. It’s assigned to the Seiros Holy Monks, however not the Seiros Sacred Monks. These have Resonant White Magic. I can see everybody dashing out to rent this Battalion ASAP! It’s an E Rank Battalion too, so I feel just about anybody can equip it… Perhaps foot-units solely although.

I’ll give them credit score. Out of the three, solely Kotaku bothered to press the ZL button to set off Divine Pulse. In case you missed the memo, Divine Pulse is that this recreation’s model of Mila’s Turnwheel (which appeared in Echoes). You should use it to rewind entire turns or particular person actions. It’s helpful for rectifying errors with out restarting a map.

The participant rewinds via the actions till their finger stops over “Struggle”. This refers back to the starting of the map. Er… wait… UHHHHH. Moments later, the video fades out and we’re again firstly of the map. OK, I feel we will guess what occurred there…

In any case, the participant checks over Dimitri’s Fight Arts. Tempest Lance is one other returning Fight Artwork. It boosts Assault and Hit Price. Knightkneeler additionally returns. It’s good towards Cavalry and boosts Hit Fee and barely boosts Assault. Monster Piercer is new; it’s efficient versus Monsters and boosts Assault and Keep away from.

That’s about it for discoveries. However listed here are some highlights from the remainder of the video. Gambits can miss, identical to regular assaults–and once they do, it could actually look fairly hilarious. Poor Ashe will get a horrible Degree Up. Lastly, Annette exhibits off her mad expertise by avoiding an enemy assault and immediately retaliating. Attagirl!

Riiiight, that’s all the things! I dunno if anybody else tried the identical map, however truthfully, I doubt there’s something left to seek out. Until I used to be there enjoying. Thanks for studying and I’ll in all probability see you very quickly!

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