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Mariel Hemingway and Amy Smart Discuss “The Earthing Movie” – The Hype Magazine

Mariel Hemingway and Amy Smart Discuss “The Earthing Movie” – The Hype Magazine

Revealed on July 14th, 2019 | by Hype Editorial

By Allison Kugel

We stay in a time when cellular know-how and Wi-Fi, Nikes and Christian Louboutins, video video games, and a fast-paced city way of life are sometimes prized above the easier issues in life. However what if making a beeline again to our earthy origins might be the reply to extra happiness and stability; and higher well being and vitality? 

Based on research carried out on the advantages of creating direct contact with the earth via the bottoms of our naked ft, a apply referred to as “Earthing,” our our bodies turn into grounded, equally to the best way we floor cable wires earlier than putting in them in our houses. Grounding our our bodies by strolling barefoot instantly on the earth’s pure floor (sidewalks, yard decks and asphalt don’t rely) has been proven to enhance temper and sleep patterns, clear free radicals from the physique, infuse us with antioxidants and scale back general irritation. Earthing helps forestall free radicals from attacking and damaging our our bodies’ wholesome tissues, thereby serving to us to heal.

In 2005, electrical engineer and electrostatic discharge skilled Roger Applewhite revealed a research within the journal, European Biology, and Bioelectromagnetics, that confirmed a big reality: when the physique is grounded, electrons transfer from earth into the physique and vice versa. “This impact is adequate to take care of the physique on the similar negative-charge electrical potential because the earth.” In different phrases, for our our bodies to thrive at their biggest potential, they require a direct reference to the earth each day. 

Mariel Hemingway Clint Ober Filmmaker Rebecca Tickell

After having a chance to display a documentary movie titled, The Earthing Film, directed and produced by Sundance Award-Profitable filmmakers Josh and Rebecca Tickell, I started my very own “earthing” journey. Although I’m nonetheless a beginner at this follow, I now carve out time to stroll or stand barefoot on grass, soil or sand (any pure earth floor) at the very least as soon as a day for fifteen minutes or longer to floor my physique. I plant my ft firmly on the earth’s floor as whether it is my very own private charging station, and it feels superb!

I just lately had the chance to take a seat down with actresses Mariel Hemingway and Amy Sensible about their choice to participate in The Earthing Film and to study extra about their journeys with the day by day follow of earthing, and the constructive impression it has had on each of their lives.

Allison Kugel: What have been the circumstances in every of your lives whenever you first heard concerning the apply of earthing?

Mariel Hemingway: I’d been [earthing] for a very long time, not realizing I used to be doing it. Ten years in the past, I met my life companion, Bobby, and he was all the time taking his footwear off once we have been mountaineering. We ultimately wrote a ebook collectively, referred to as Operating with Nature (Altering Lives Press). Once I take into consideration my historical past, I can keep in mind occasions that I used to be anxious, and once I would go outdoors and take my footwear off close to a river or on a path, I used to be truly earthing and grounding myself. I simply didn’t know what I used to be doing on the time. As soon as upon a time, youngsters have been barefoot on a regular basis. That was how we grew up within the seventies. No one wore footwear the place I come from (Hemingway was raised in Idaho). 

Amy Sensible:  For me, I had struggled with vertigo and feeling sort of “out of it,” and ungrounded. I noticed that I had a sensitivity to EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Fields). I used to be principally feeling it from my cellular phone. I used to be additionally sensing it from my safety system that I had put in in my home. I began doing analysis and one of many options was earthing or getting grounded. I began working towards it; placing my naked ft within the floor, and my physique began to really feel extra balanced.

Allison Kugel: As I watched this documentary that you simply’re each in, The Earthing Film, which actually spoke to me by the best way, I used to be lamenting the truth that I reside in a group the place they’re all the time dropping all types of chemical compounds on the grass. It makes you a bit paranoid to stroll within the grass barefoot. 

Mariel Hemingway:  I utterly perceive, and that’s an enormous situation. We have now a canine park right here in Idaho the place we spend our summers, and there’s a delegated canine park right here that doesn’t use any chemical compounds. It’s superb that I can stroll barefoot on the market. Earlier immediately, I took a hike up some fairly hardcore hills, and I did your complete uphill half barefoot. Once I’m in L.A. or on the street, I need to floor my physique, however I don’t need to absorb all these chemical compounds via my ft. There’s grounding remedy, the place you possibly can sleep on grounding mats and issues like that. However, in fact, the outside follow of earthing to floor your physique is far more efficient for my part. It’s the actual deal, and it’s profound.

Amy Sensible: In case you are dwelling in a spot that has all these pesticides and herbicides, perhaps you possibly can dig up a three×three foot part of floor and let that space be clear floor you could stand on barefoot to recharge your physique. 

Allison Kugel: I had this massive majestic tree in my yard in Florida, and other people thought I used to be loopy as a result of every single day I might go outdoors and hug my tree. To me, that can also be a type of earthing. The tree is rooted within the earth and also you’re wrapping your self across the tree. Once I would hug this tree, I might really feel the life drive contained in the tree. I might really feel the tree sort of swelling with appreciation and love. I might additionally really feel myself turning into extra centered.

Mariel Hemingway: Sure, a hundred percent! That’s precisely what I used to do. Individuals used to assume I used to be utterly nuts. 

Allison Kugel: Mariel and I are each tree huggers! If you keep in mind that every little thing on this planet is related, all of it is sensible.

Mariel Hemingway: And timber are highly effective. I feel timber are alive. There isn’t a query that they’re. They stick round far longer than we do. It goes far past our present consciousness. 

Amy Sensible: Apart from well being advantages, I feel it takes you again to the enjoyment and ease of childhood. That’s the place youngsters are the happiest. Climbing timber, operating barefoot within the grass, or simply barefoot operating round on the seashore; anyplace in nature with their ft on the bottom and enjoying. That’s what I do virtually each morning. We’ll all stroll outdoors and do some earthing. Very first thing within the morning, we have now a tall glass of water and all of us go outdoors and simply put our ft on the bottom for a couple of minutes.

Allison Kugel: I liken earthing to plugging your cellular phone into its charger. The earth’s floor is our pure charging station. The person who found the scientific well being advantages of grounding our our bodies by way of the follow of earthing, his identify is Clint Ober. 

Mariel Hemingway: A tremendous man!

Amy Sensible: Clint recommends earthing for a minimum of fifteen minutes a day, I consider, in accordance with the research that have been accomplished for treating irritation. However even a couple of minutes a day is best than nothing.

Mariel Hemingway and Clint Ober

Mariel Hemingway and Clint Ober

Allison Kugel: It’s exceptional to me that Clint initially found that people wanted grounding by being a cable tv wire installer and studying the way to floor wires. 

Mariel Hemingway: We’re made up of electrical energy. That’s why whenever you’re a bit of child and also you rub your self on the carpet and then you definitely contact your good friend, you possibly can shock them. We’ve got three thousand pores underneath our ft, and we take up the power, or the electrical energy, from the earth. The frequency of the earth goes into our physique and people electrons are launched. Now, once you put on rubber-soled footwear and also you’re not ever getting grounded, there isn’t any approach for these electrons that construct up within the physique to launch themselves. There’s presupposed to be a continuing movement of power. When you’ll be able to launch the buildup of electrons, then your physique releases the irritation. Irritation is a results of the physique not with the ability to launch all these totally different frequencies; all that electrical energy. 

Amy Sensible: And, like with something, it’s an accumulation over time. As a result of we’re electrical beings, we actually reply to any type of electrical stimulus. And since the frequency of the earth is strictly the place our our bodies have to be, it makes full sense, placing our naked ft on the earth and letting that magnetic subject restructure our physique the best way it’s purported to be lined up. 

Allison Kugel: One factor within the movie I discovered so fascinating was that the rise in reputation of rubber-soled footwear retains us from correctly grounding ourselves on the earth. Right here I’m strolling round in my sneakers all day, considering it’s nice for my ft and posture, which in some methods it’s, however not for grounding my physique.

Mariel Hemingway: Within the movie, Clint Ober talks about the truth that previous to P.F. Flyers (an early rubber-soled sneaker, made widespread within the 1960s), we have been in all probability like animals and grounded more often than not. We both had leather-soled footwear or moccasins. Once we didn’t have rubber on the backside of our ft we have been related. In our present technical and really trendy world, it’s why typically with the ability to use a grounding mat to assist remove some electrical and magnetic fields is important. There are methods to sort of trick your self into being in a pure state when you’ll be able to’t be actually related to nature. 

Amy Sensible: The invention of artificial rubber and plastics in footwear have taken us away from simply being on the earth, sleeping on the earth, and utilizing the earth to heal our our bodies. 100 years in the past we’d have been in far more contact with the earth each day. Even going again to the soil we had earlier than and all this fertilization and industrialization has depleted it; I equate that to our our bodies turning into depleted as a result of we’ve misplaced our reference to the magnetic area and the power of the earth.

Allison Kugel: What are another advantages that you simply’ve personally each observed together with your physique, thoughts, and spirit from often grounding yourselves? 

Mariel Hemingway: I sleep unbelievably nicely. My thoughts doesn’t race at night time anymore. I’ve an incredible quantity of power. My temper isn’t poor. If I really feel anxious, if I’m going sit outdoors or I simply sit on the grass for a bit, it pulls it out of me. We come from the earth. The extra we join again to it, the higher we might be. We reside in a world the place each day we’re pulled additional and additional away from that connection. My mission is to make individuals understand how necessary it’s to succeed in again in the direction of nature. To see the advantages of what’s pure, and what’s free. We expect that we aren’t a part of nature, however we’re. 

Amy Smart

Amy Sensible

Amy Sensible: So far as symptom enchancment, I undoubtedly really feel extra grounded. I really feel extra balanced. I really feel extra readability. There’s a sense of calmness that I really feel once I do my earthing, and it lasts all through the day.

Allison Kugel: Mariel, you’re a lot like me in that you need to be regularly cognizant of the power that surrounds you to be able to keep balanced. In fact, with the Hemingway household background, psychological well being is all the time one thing you’ve had to concentrate on. In my e-book (Journaling Fame/Mill Metropolis Press), which talks about therapeutic from an nervousness dysfunction, I point out that I’m all the time having to watch the power that surrounds me, simply out of survival.  

Mariel Hemingway: It’s a must to! Individuals will say to me, “Oh, it have to be so exhausting,” and I’m like, “No, it’s simply who I’m.” I do know what I come from. I do know that I could be a depressed individual if I don’t watch how I reside my life. So, I watch what I eat, what I drink. I don’t drink alcohol. I watch what I do as a result of I do know the place I come from. And I do know what my propensity for unhappiness is. Such as you, I do know that my surroundings needs to be particular. I don’t consider it as an issue. I simply consider it as my life path. 

Amy Sensible: Personally, you hear about so many individuals in company America that type of burn out they usually then go and stay on an natural farm. Or they depart the know-how world they usually should get again to a easy, living-off-the-land sort of place the place they will start to thrive once more. 

Allison Kugel: Mariel, I might think about that at one level in your life, you may’ve had a worry that you’d be vulnerable to committing suicide, due to the Hemingway household legacy with substance abuse, melancholy, and suicide. Do you continue to carry that worry? 

Mariel Hemingway: I a hundred percent did carry that worry. That was an enormous worry of mine, for a few years, properly into my early forties. After assembly Bobby (Hemingway’s life companion) and getting on this path of actually understanding the physique from a deep degree, and making all these connections; meals, water, earthing, meditation and plugging all of them collectively, I’m really a cheerful individual and I don’t worry psychological sickness or suicide anymore. 

Allison Kugel: Amy, what’s your tackle retaining your self balanced in physique, thoughts, and spirit?

Amy Sensible: Wellness doesn’t come from only one particular change. For me, it’s a bunch of small modifications that add up. However I completely consider that earthing is essential and essential for well-being and for stability inside my thoughts and physique. Whenever you convey your youngsters outdoors, even when they have been in a crappy temper, the minute they’re outdoors operating round barefoot, their temper is simply uplifted they usually’re happier and extra playful. Youngsters are the right experiment to see their temper shift the minute they’re outdoors barefoot. We will study lots from them in that means.

Allison Kugel: Wouldn’t it’s fascinating if there would come a time the place, identical to we now have canine parks, the place there might be designated earthing parks the place individuals can reconnect with nature and floor their our bodies by strolling barefoot?

Mariel Hemingway: Truly, Clint [Ober] and I are engaged on that very factor. There are locations in Europe, that is how behind we’re in America, which have that. They’ve barefoot walks and barefoot parks. It makes a lot sense. We’re engaged on making an attempt to make offers with some parks to make barefoot parks. 

Amy Sensible: There are already some parks that say they’re child-friendly or earth-friendly. I feel if we might simply make extra of these and prioritize that, as a result of we don’t need our youngsters or our canine, or us, operating round on land that is filled with chemical compounds. That’s why it’s so superb to enter totally different cities that perceive that we have to rip up the concrete and create extra wholesome inexperienced areas.  

Allison Kugel: Will The Earthing Film make its approach to Netflix? 

Mariel Hemingway: We would like the movie to be free for everyone. I consider quickly there shall be locations the place you possibly can have occasions and the place the film shall be proven. However will probably be someplace on-line the place everyone can get it at no cost. I might love for Netflix to have it on their docket. The subject of earthing is tremendous fascinating, and it’s been scientifically confirmed. It’s not simply “woo woo.” And belief me, I’ve accomplished a whole lot of “woo woo” stuff!

Allison Kugel: (Laughs) I introduced up Netflix as a result of I’ve observed for myself, and from speaking to so many different individuals, that Netflix has been bringing some unimaginable details about well being and wellness to the plenty via documentaries. 

Mariel Hemingway: It’s true. We used to only give our energy away to the person within the white coat. We didn’t query it and we simply did what he stated. That point has come and gone, and it’ll by no means flip again. Medical faculties are going to should get on board with coaching individuals about preventative drugs. We’re a number of the greatest on the planet with regards to emergency medical care. However in relation to preventative well being care, we’re horrible. 

Allison Kugel: I feel on some degree docs are afraid that when you come to them with an issue, they usually say to you, “Go stroll within the grass, eat a plant-based eating regimen and meditate,” you’re going be like, “Properly, what do I want you for?” I feel that’s a real worry docs have. 

Amy Sensible: The medical faculties are within the enterprise of sickness, not the enterprise of wellness, and they’re taught a sure protocol on the best way to deal with somebody. In a number of instances, it’s lifesaving and it helps. In some instances, it masks the sickness and it doesn’t actually cope with the basis trigger. The time period, “various medicines,” like Ayurveda or the Chinese language drugs that aren’t the standard western medicines, have been working profoundly for hundreds of years. I feel the proper query to ask is, “How can we incorporate each modalities, or a number of modalities, to see how we will deal with any person in a holistic approach, versus a method or one other?” 

Allison Kugel:  Once we consider the phrase “grounding,” a variety of occasions we take a look at it figuratively. However the follow of earthing is sort of actually, electrically, grounding your self. 

Amy Sensible: Sure. For me, personally, it was studying that I wasn’t going to be on my cellular phone as typically. It was training happening the grass daily or on the seashore, placing my ft barefoot within the floor. I used to be turning off my WIFI at night time. It’s been a mixture of issues that basically helped me, actually, floor myself. As a result of we’re electrical beings, we actually reply to any type of electrical stimulus. And since the frequency of the earth is the place our our bodies have to be, it makes full sense, placing our naked ft on the earth and letting that magnetic area restructure our physique the best way it’s imagined to be lined up. 

Mariel Hemingway: It’s additionally spiritually grounding. I feel our world needs us to be wrapped up in no matter narrative it’s pushing on us. Grounding your self creates a way of, “Oh, I’m actually right here.” It creates a way of presence.

Allison Kugel: Why ought to individuals watch and share The Earthing Film?

Mariel Hemingway: Primary, as a result of it’s out there proper now to everybody without spending a dime. Quantity two, all of us have mother and father. Whether or not our mother and father are previous or whether or not they’re middle-aged they’re probably coping with some type of irritation and continual sickness. Everyone has someone they care about who wants this info. Proper now, we’re a rustic, we’re a world, that’s inundated with inflammatory illnesses from most cancers and coronary heart illness to arthritis and diabetes, to call a number of…

Amy Sensible: Individuals worth issues when they’re in a spot of discomfort. In case your life’s effective, you’re not going to actually need to make any modifications and also you is probably not open to new info. However the minute you are feeling unwell, and also you’re uncomfortable, that’s whenever you get hold of one thing to make you are feeling higher. We at the moment are dwelling in a time the place so many individuals are unwell on so many various ranges. Earthing is an easy and significant approach to assist your self to really feel properly. Making direct contact with the earth together with your naked ft is free, and it’s one thing everybody ought to find out about. It’s a very necessary element of our wellness.  

Go to to study concerning the earthing motion and to seek out out how one can host a screening of The Earthing Film, starring Deepak Chopra, Amy Sensible, Mariel Hemingway, “Earthing” pioneer Clint Ober; and Sundance Award-Profitable filmmakers, Josh and Rebecca Tickell.

Allison Kugel is a syndicated leisure columnist, writer of the memoir, Journaling Fame: A memoir of a life unhinged and on the reportand proprietor of communications agency, Full Scale Media. Comply with her on Instagram @theallisonkugel and at

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